We Love Winters

Its again the time of year where we think about the bight winter colors and winter fabrics. The new collection is almost here with great styles and cool materials. Cool designers with cool collection in this cool weather. We can’t wait to show you our winter collection.This time, our favorite is linen collection, with lots of colors’ and beautiful pints.We also love the unsaturated colors going from natural blues to sea glass, bluebell, rose and clay.Different tends but equally [...]


Everyone need a little fashion inspiration now a days… especially in spring seasons because now will end and we’ll all finally able to wear shorts again and floral bright prints in our daily wear. Now a days its much easier to find out through social media that which material is in in the market these days and its more easy to to choose your favorite cloths.


Skirts are often seen as romantic, feminine clothing: this time, we decided to give it a different twist and still look wonderful, but also way, way cooler. So how do you do it, you ask? Easy, just wear it with an oversized top and there you go: you will achieve a classy, simple and stylish look in just one move. If you are curious and feel like trying out something new, you will find 2 Fall Winter 2016-2017,get inspired, [...]


STORE RAID : Fateh  store..Guys, this past weekend, I happened to drop by at the Fateh  Stores at the autobahn opposite Toyota showroom to have a look at their new collection. I stumbled upon some interesting pieces from both their formal pret & pret line and wanted to share with y’all the stuff that caught my eye.I was really impressed with the formal, casual and pret line. It is ready to wear and affordable and we know that that [...]


Remember the time the DIGITAL MAKEOVER software came out? Well we do; where we’d try on different hair colors, eye color etc. Even today, the idea of changing things up; trying on a new look, is something that we thought would excite most girls! And that it did…We collaborated with the fateh store to play dress up with our friends, this past weekend. The idea was to have fun with looks; push them to try on something they wouldn’t [...]


Fateh store is known as magic in print which you have seen in the collection. The designs are chic and classy which makes it a diverse range and fulfills the requirements of the valued customers.  They have diversity in terms of prints, cuts and colors. Moreover, the use of different fabric makes it exclusive and unique. Their design team, as any other, is continuously facing challenges in terms of execution, producing samples and controlling the costs, so that the [...]

Fall pickups

Fall is here! Let’s say goodbye to our lawn suits. Go back to our khaddar, linen and cotton fabrics. Just need a little help in colors’, we obviously go for dark colors because it’s in trend now .This season looks packed full of some new and interesting from fateh stores. They compiled a list of favorites and put them in the catalogue. I am really looking forward to wear the amazing colors that are out in this winter by [...]